Video games are good for you because it helps people to get out of boredom. A video game is a term that is always used for refreshment and entertainment purposes but it is helpful not only to keep your brain active and sharp but also to increase your problem-solving skills and information processing power. Scientific researchers have shown already many positive impacts of it. 

The reasons why video games are good for you are given below:

1 Video games are an amazing medium of teaching 

Many kids are not interested in reading books, they could be learned through playing informative and teachable games on a computer through the internet. Creativity is another positive issue that is necessary for their bright future. Creativity is increased a lot through playing video games. Some games are teaching history and culture and some are scientific and mathematical. Some will teach you about the war, vehicle, and army, some will give you the knowledge of weather, mining, motors, rifles, religions, and much more interesting topics. So different types of games could give you different types of educations and knowledge. 

2 Video games are beneficial for mental health 

We do physical exercise to make ourselves healthy and powerful. So that we can work hard and take a high load of liabilities easily. A lazy body will fail to take high pressure of work and do a longer period of physical tasks. So, industrious people can be successful only. On the other hand, in the same way, we should be careful about our mental health also. Exercise of the brain is so much important for humans to be successful in life. In ancient times, playing chess was the only game through which one can do mental exercise and keep the brain active so that they could make a smart decision in any accidental war. But now so many games are available on the internet through which we can not only do mental exercise but also improve the capability of thinking, increase memorizing power, and utilize the maximum part of the human brain.

3 Increase social interaction and good relationships 

Many of us feel trouble to fit in and make friends in real life and being unsocial day by day, sometimes they become autistic naturally, playing video games is a positive way to make friends and have fun with them while playing networked games on the internet. It makes them more social and responsible, they will know how to cooperate during problems and the way of communication they should make for a convenient journey and how to support their partners in the way of life. It also helps to improve relationships among couples. When a man gets busy playing games then women become lonely and started feeling annoyed by the man and this is vice versa. They start of enjoying the same thing then their relationship would be strong and on one will feel lonesome. They will stop blaming others and stay happily. Sometimes parents get far from the kids because of busyness. Video games are the way to get close with their kids. Playing video games together with kids and parents will make the relationship so strong. They could share happiness and joy during the play. 

4 Develop problem-solving skill

People used to play video games for fun, but they are developing themselves and improving their intellectuality subconsciously. Many puzzle games will help you to increase the ability to find possible solutions to many different problems in real life or when stuck in a maze and confused to go ahead. It develops problem-solving skills a lot. Sometimes you will face many problems which have no solution and fall into a dilemma situation, then brainstorming is the only solution and approach to fix it. All this knowledge will make you capable to solve real-life problems also.

5 Reduce stress and tiredness

Video games are good for you. It eases mental pain and anxiety. It reduces stress which regains the mood again. After doing work for a long time, we get tired and lose the energy to get back to the work. Video games give us pleasure and joy and boost the energy to do more work under pressure.

6 Exercise the brain of kids

When a kid is growing up, we assure a good environment for his/her flourishment of mind and brain. So we need to train their brain to keep it active, fast, and interactive. Many indoor and outdoor games will help them to build good and energetic physical health, but what about the intellectually? What about technological knowledge and study? And what about the exploration of the world through the internet and running on a race in this competitive world to get the first position? All these solutions are found in playing video games, it has a deep impact on the human brain and body.

7 Increase the observation and imagination power

Playing smart games will increase the imagination power of a player. They could imagine what will happen next from the previous experiences and easily could predict about the incomings. These games will teach the players about the foreseen they predict and increases the observation and visualizing power too. The player always needs to watch the whole video screen and be concerned about all elements there which improvise the sincerity of a human. 

8 Prevent corruption in society

We know the proverb goes that “an idle brain is the devil’s workshop”. So we should not keep our brain idle or lazy, by doing this our brain will lose the ability of information processing, decision making, and memorizing power. Sometimes the idle brain is the source of making criminals in society. They get interested in doing offensive and illegal activities like taking drugs, stealing things, and other terrorist involvements. Playing video games will keep you far from all these, so video games are good for you. Cravings are another problem in the young generation. Excessive addiction to cigars, sex, and alcohol can ruin their life. Playing video games can stop all these cravings.


9 Improve the language proficiency and knowledge

The English language is the second language in most of the countries in the world. But everyone needs to develop their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skill in English because it is our international language. To play video games via the internet you have to communicate in English which will make you an expert in English. Besides this, they learn some other languages too. When they need to communicate with some non-English persons, then sometimes they start learning the language of other countries too to establish a better relationship. This increases the knowledge of the different languages of many countries.  

10 “Video games developer” can be your career

Someday video games player might feel like making their games according to their choice and criteria. Then they will learn a programming language and build their career as a video game developer. In the present world, it has a great future. Many computer engineers are now making their career as video games developers and they earn a huge amount of money per month.  

11 Video games produce smart leaders

The adventurous game will help you to build the trust in your mind to explore new things in life and the courage to face any kind of obstacles and manage difficulties like a good leader. Besides this, you will gather knowledge about the competition of life and how to be aware and conscious about the enemy surround us. It also helps you to be a smart leader in life and trained a person how to get a win in the competition. It gives them the joy of win which helps them to move ahead in life. 

12 Inspire to stay strong until you reach the goal

When a player loses, again and again, he/she does not stop there, rather keeps trying and trying and learn from the mistakes until he/she reaches the goal. Video games teach people to stay strong and move forward, never lose hope and never get frustrated, never feel depressed, be confident about the goal or destination what he/she needs to achieve. It teaches us to be persistent about the dream and keep consistency in success.  

13 Video games may keep you young

Video games are played by kids, adults, and even old-aged people. Young people and kids are enjoying their life without any problem but what about the older people? They will have many natural problems in their life. Sometimes it’s physical or sometimes it’s mental. By doing physical exercise and leading a disciplined life you could be looked 50 when you are 60. Another way of slowing down your aging is playing video games. Video games could do the same thing that physical exercise does. It is proved through research at the University of Lowa. They took 681 healthy people of age 50 and above, they played certain video games 10 hours for five to eight weeks, and finally, the researcher found that result. The shape of the brain was also the same. So video games could keep you young and happy. If you want to keep yourself young always just start playing video games daily for two hours at least.

14 Video games make you wise decision-maker

People who play action and fighting video games used to make wise decisions even in real-life problems. A group of researchers proved it. They gave an action video game to a group of people to play for 50 hours. After that, they gave a strategy slow-paced game to another group of people of the same age for 50 hours. Finally, they got the result that the action video game player became more wise and smart during decision making. Because they are getting used to some common facts that happened in action video games as a quick popup window, random scenarios of characters, rapid movement of players, and many more things like those. By staying within all these action video game players became experts in taking the quick decision and right decision than others.

15 Improves the Hand-Eye coordination power

Video games are good for you, many studies have proved that it improves the energy level and coordination power of hand and eye. Video game player watches the position and criteria on screen and give the action inputs through the hand. Random tasks and actions are performed by them again and again. This improves the hand-eye coordination power which is needed very much in our modern world. Even in medical science, it has a big impact. Many surgeons are now performing virtual surgeries during their training. So it is a very much necessary skill. Texas medical branches do the experiment once. They brought high school students, college students, and present medical students. After testing they found that the high school students have the skill better than others. Because they used to play video games two hours per day. This is what increases their hand-eye coordination power.

16 Video games are mood changing therapy

Playing video games is the best way to change your mood. Sometimes we get upset, sometimes we get sad and can’t change our mind to a joyful mood. Just start playing an action video game, after half an hour your mood will be changed and you will feel better than before. It turns the brain cells and changes the mood. This is an especial therapy proved by many researchers. A heart patient or a lung patient could be benefited from playing video games. Even a cancer patient who is counting the days to die and getting depressed day by day could have fun and smile by playing video games. Many doctors suggest they play video games daily as a therapy for their brain and mood.   

17 Best Source of passive income

you can purchase game source code and templates and publish them to the google play store or apple app store. In this way, you can earn money online from games. You can take the app reskin service and make a unique game. This could be one of the best sources of passive income.

Video games are good for you but addiction to them is bad. Excessiveness is always bad for anything. We should not prohibit the kids and others from playing it, but of course in a limited manner. Many of us always think that video games will ruin our brains and make our dumper. But it is a wrong perception, rather it will make you smarter by increasing your decision-making ability. Kids will get the ability to make smart decisions in every aspect of life in this advanced world.

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