is gameloop safe

Gameloop is the official emulator from Tancent Games even though many of us thinking, is gameloop safe? 

Tancent has many popular games like Pubg mobile, Call of Duty mobile and many more. They develop the game based on mobile users. But when they realise, a large segments of users are looking for PC version then they focused on developing the emulator.

Its was formerly known as Tencent Gaming Buddy. In the gameloop emulator anyone can play Android games on PC or Mac. 

Gameloop Safety and Issues

We will discuss about safety and issues of gameloop emulator. In the safety section we will discuss about our privacy and data policy. On the issues section we will discuss about the impact of that emulator on your pc and gaming experience.

Gameloop Safety

As Tancent develop this emulator, so it is considered to be safe. In the old versions of gameloop when it was know as Tancent Gaming Buddy, it has some malware related issues.

Windows considered gameloop as malware. But gradually Tancent game solve those issues and its not considered as malware anymore to the windows.

But there are something to consider. When you install that emulator it access some of your information like, location, hard drive, internet access.

As gameloop is accessing those information, so you cant tell that you are 100% safe from gameloop.

Personal Information

Gameloop asks for personal information like email, name, address. As they are asking for personal information so they can use this information to future add targeting purpose. Asking for this personal information is not safe at all.

Unwanted App Installs

In the old version of gameloop, this emulator installed many unwanted apps and games without our knowledge. They did not even ask for confirmation wither they would install the game or not.

That as a very big safety issues by gameloop. Because lots of games were installed and allocated our computer space.

This issue is also solved but bluestacks emulator still have this issue. You can see our comparison article gameloop vs bluestacks to learn more about those emulators.

Background Data Transfer

It transfers data to the internet without our concern. From user experience we Noticed that, some users did not use the emulator for long time. 

Checking on the windows data usage statics they came to know that almost 500 Megabyte data was transmitted from gameloop. It may be a matter of concern that which data they are transmitting. 

Will you get banned

Many of us my wondering if they get banned playing game on gameloop. For them, its 100% safe in case of getting banned. As gameloop is a Tancent product so you can play all the tancent games without any tension.

We can’t assure you any other game rather than Tancent. So its better to read their policy wither they support emulator or not.

Gameloop Issues and Bugs

It has lots of issues and bugs. The developer of Tancent games are trying hard to solve those issues, but still some issues exists and some new issues arise.let’s start from the latest version issues.

High Cpu usage

Gameloop was a light weight emulator before. With medium configuration pc, anyone can install gameloop and could play PUBG or Call of Duty mobile. 

With the recent update to version, that is a myth now a days. It was tested on Intel Core i7 8th processore with 16 GB DDR4 RAM. 

While playing Call of duty mobile its allocates almost 70% of the CPU and 80% of the Ram. This is huge. This cause CPU overheating and we had to reduce CPU usage.

On the older version this was very low and did not impact on the CPU or RAM performance. This overheat the CPU.

Game Lagging and Freezing on Gameloop

When playing games, its a very common issue of lagging. In the recent version we notice that game sometimes freezes. 

When you are playing games, you will see screen freezes but you can hear the game sound. No button and menus will work on the game. You just have to close the emulator and reopen the game.

When you reopen, you are automatically kicked out of the game. This is a very big issue to gameloop.

is gameloop safe
Call of Duty mobile in gameloop

High Ping Rate

We tested this with one mobile and gameloop installed on a computer. Both used same network.

When we were playing Call of Duty Mobile we noticed that the ping rate on gameloop is 30% higher than the ping rate on mobile.

Google Play Sign in

We faced issues while signing in to google play service. All the we tried to sign in to gameloop google play sign in then it causes issues on that moment. Surprising fact is that, We were not been able to sign in to gameloop till now.

Game update create problem

Its another big issue of gameloop that, when the game is updated (Call of Duty Mobile) then you can not play the game instantly after update.

You need to wait 2-3 days for playing on gameloop emulator. Sometimes you may need to uninstall and reinstall the game.

Final Thoughts on gameloop safety

As gameloop is developed by a wellknown company so it can be considered that its safe. But there are some things which can be doubtful for safety issues.

In case of virus and malware, its safe and you can use it without any confusion. But gameloop has some bug and many software related issues.

Again gameloop has given us the opportunity to play the game on computer which is a great thing. Without gameloop we had to depended on the mobile phone.

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