What we really do?

We are a Game Development company. We are expert in Unity Game engine. W have a team or professionals to develop games.

We Basically focus on small scale game which took about 10-15 days to develop. Then we put those games to our website for sale.

We believe in after sales service so you will get the best support in your life and we promise that.

Our Vision

Game Industry is huge and you can earn lots of money from games. But building a game is very very expensive. Thats why we decided to make games for small and medium scale customers who are interested to come to this market place.

We also offer reskinning service for our games so after purchasing the source code customer can hire us for reskining the game.

History of Beginning

We Apricot Games is a game development company. We are child of our parent company RAGORY LTD.

Our Main Company has many services to provide and we (Apicot Games) are only focused on game development and game reskinning service for customers. We believe in after sales service. So you will get the best support from us. If you take reskinning service from us you can purchase our different supporting plans and if you only purchase the source code then we will provide you support for setting up and problems. We believe in quality. If you purchae any games from us or take our sevice then you will see the quality by yourself. We provide the AAA quality product and service. Waiting for long time is very painful. So we try to main the time frame in a very decent way. If you purchase the games from us then you will get the delivery instantly on your mail.

In case of reskinning service you will get the delivery within 3 days of your order of our service.