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Refund Policy For Service

In case of cancelling in the first time, you must have to inform us within 7 days from purchase. After 7 days refund will not be possible for the current month’s subscription. Suppose you ordered our system on january 1st then you you must have to cancel the subscription before january 7th. If you dont cancel it before January 7th then you have to use that servicefor this month and at the end of this month ( January 31st ) your subscription will be autometically cancelled and you will not be charged from next month anymore.

If you purchase our yearly subscription plan in a discount amount then in the time of cancelling we will refund you partially. the amount you will get is by the remainning month. here is an example. Suppose our monthly service charge is $10 so total cost or 12 month is $120. if you pay the full yearly fees then we will give you discount. Suppose you purchased our yearly service with $60. so when you want to cancel it after 4 month then you will get $20 as partial payment and you cant refund after 6 month or if the base monthly price exceed your yearly cost.

Only If your payment has any problem or issues, we will initiate a refund to your credit card (or original method of payment).

You will receive the credit within a certain amount of days, depending on your Card Issuer’s Policies.

To submit a refund request please send us email on [email protected]

Refund For Product Source Code (Game) Purchase

As all of your products are working perfectly and We do not use any method or we do not use any hidden codes to manipulate the code so it will be a non refundable purchase. If you purchase our product source code then the money will not be refunded. We can help you setting up the things but the money will not be refunded as you got all the access to our core software codes.

Invoicing For Product and Service Purchase

Ragory LTD is our mother company so, all the invoice and refund will be Processed form that company name. In all the invoice you may see this name.