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Picking up the best l-shaped gaming desk is not an easy task for a gamer when hundreds of options are available in the marketplace. It is a mind-altering task for a gamer to decide which desk is suitable for his gaming setup in his preferred room. 

One good choice is a corner and l-shaped gaming desk to achieve your dream gaming setup. It could easily fit in the corner of your room and provide you with a comfortable environment to play a video game

So many styles and sizes are available, some have additional features to give you extra comfort. 

In this article, we made a list of the 10 best corners and l shaped gaming computer desks under the price of 100 dollars. We have researched a lot to find suitable gaming desks for small and big rooms also It will help you to choose the desired cheap desk for gaming the one you looking for which will suit you the most to give you the best gaming environment. Scroll down to know more.

7 convincing reasons to use an L-shaped gaming desk

Before giving you the list of the best cheap l shaped desks for gaming, let us show you the 7 powerful reasons why you should use a corner gaming desk. These benefits will change your mind to use a gaming l-shaped desk and persuade you that the using of corner and l-shaped desk is the best idea. 

1. It can fit comfortably in the corner and optimize room space

The design of an L-shaped gaming computer desk allows you to fit it snugly to any room corner. You can set up many gaming gears on your desk without any confusion. It saves more space in your room to use for other purposes. Your room will look bigger after having a lot of gaming gear in your corner gaming desk. It is adjustable and fits perfectly in the corner and maximizes space utilization.  So you will get enough room for additional activities and decorations to make your room cool and stylish. Another important benefit of the corner and l-shaped gaming desk is that it is adjustable even in a small room too. 

2. Elbow support benefit in the L part of corner gaming desk

If you are using a traditional computer setup with a mouse, then you will feel the need for elbow support while using the computer for a long time. You can be a left-handed person or a right-handed person, you will get support in the L part of the desk while using the mouse or playing a mouse-dependent video game for a longer period. Without elbow support, after playing a video game with the mouse, you will have muscle strain problems which is a hazard for your body. Sometimes it turns in to elbow nerve irritation problem. A little support to the elbow could give you more comfort to play games conveniently for hours after hours.

3. Easily and quickly reachable by extending one’s arm

There is no reason of buying a rectangular and huge desk for gaming purposes where you cannot reach everything quickly without moving. With the big desk, you might get up from the chair to reach distant equipment. But when you are using an l-shaped gaming desk, you can get everything within arm’s reach. It is so much important for a gamer when playing any fast-paced video game. It also develops speed, playing skills, and efficiency. You will enjoy it more because of the ability to access all the gears very rapidly.  

4. No more cables and cords management problem

Cable and cord management is the most frightening part of a gaming setup. Bad management spoils the smart look and destroys the mood of playing a game. PC cables, wires of two monitors, cords play station and switch, HDMI cables and headphone wires and many more wires, cables, and cords are tangled in one place. It is so difficult to find which one is for what purpose. Finally, it becomes a spaghetti of wires and cables.

But in the l-shaped gaming corner desk, all these are organized and managed in the L part under the desk. So it never ruins the stylish look of the setup and gaming mood as well.

5. Two players at one desk

L-shaped corner gaming desk can accommodate gaming partners in the same desk at the same time. If you regularly want to play a video game with someone else, you don’t need to buy another desk, you can share hardware and play together comfortably. There is enough space for two players to sit at an l-shaped gaming desk to enjoy the game and share the joy with their friends. Even you can keep snacks and other necessary things there to share. Two monitors could be on two walls to play individual games with your partner. You can customize everything so easily to reach your satisfying level.

6. Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the procedure of arranging your workplace and instruments in a way that suits the people who use them. This is an important issue for everybody who works and sitting down in the same place for a long time. If you are a game lover, you must spend a tremendous amount of time sitting down in front of your desk. It means you have to set everything like a chair, desk, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other gaming gears in such a way that comforts you always. Without this, many physical and biological hazards may occur and you can suffer from many unknown and unseen problems in your body. The gaming l-shaped desk is ergonomic and harmless.

7. Cost-effective

Price is a considerable matter while purchasing a good thing. L-shaped gaming desk has various price ranges. Some have many additional features with high prices, some are simple with low and affordable prices. In this article, we made the best list of the 10 most popular and excellent corner and l-shaped gaming desks for under 100 dollars. Our picks will give you the best choices at a low-cost price. Though gaming is a hobby where cost does not matter, sometimes it matters while buying all goods for your dream gaming setup.

#1. Coleshome Black L-shaped Gaming Desk


  • Monitor shelf attached.
  • Thick metal frames.
  •  Anti-scratch, and very easy to clean.
  • Enough space to keep multiple computers.

Easy assembling process

The l-shaped desk is so easy to assemble. It comes with the manual, assembly tools and all other parts of it. The manual is so easy to understand. It will take less than half an hour to put all the pieces together and set them to your preferred place. The switchable sides are an extra benefit, both sides of the shelf are used according to your work habit and nature. An easy assembling video link is given below:

L-shaped wide and spacious desktop

It has a very wide smooth desktop with plenty of spaces where you can keep your extra accessories like books, snacks, desktop calendar, and do your other activities like writing, home office work, etc. A monitor shelf is attached there which will give you much more spaces to use a dual or trio monitor to get the smart look of your setup.

Excellent built quality

The Coleshome l-shaped gaming desk is made of excellent quality material with a sturdy metal frame to ensure the lasting and stability of the desk. The frame is thick enough to keep it stable. The board is manufactured by good particle, so it never let the dust to come inside it. It is water-resistant and scratches do not affect it. Adjustable studs are there to balance the desk even on a rough surface. It’s so easy to clean.

Sufficient bottom space

Plenty of spaces under the desk gives you to stretch your legs and sit comfortably. After working a long period, your leg may need rest, the L part is allowing you straight your legs even for tall people. Desk Dimension: (L) x 51″(L) x W) x 29.5″(H). The length of both L parts is 51″, it is 18.2″ wide and the height is 29.5″. The weight is 29.5 inches.

The Coleshome l-shaped corner desk can fit any corner of your room and the stylish look of it will increase the beauty of your room. The pros and cons are given below:


  • Design is unique and attractive.
  • Easy to clean and waterproof.
  • Plenty of space to use multi-monitors
  • Adjustable studs to balance
  • Contains dismountable monitor shelf


  • No cable holes
  • Assembly may be a little bit difficult for novice people.

#2. VECELO Wooden Corner Gaming Desk


  • This home office desk is made of Quality P2 grade chipboard.
  • Extra free CPU stand help to prevent your computer host moisture.
  • Designed with adjustable leg pads for different heights need
  • Design with M-Style buckles.

Simple to setup

It is an easy task for anyone to assemble and disassemble the desk. All needed tools, instruction guidelines and all parts of the desk will be there to assemble it easily. M-style buckles design is also there. A good video is available on YouTube about assembling the VECELO l-shaped corner desk with a CPU stand.

Stylish corner design

The corner is l-shaped which allows you to keep home office stuff and tools. The corner wedge design is so exclusive that provides extra spaces to set up a big workstation and use it as a home office. You can put multiple monitors and printers. Even a desktop computer will fit there easily and give you the environment to work for a long.

Good build quality with excellent material

Edge technology is used here which is perfect for home office and the desk is manufactured with Quality P2 grade chipboard. The product dimension is 66.14 x 47.2 x 29.5 inches and is made of a strong and thick steel frame which assures you the long-lasting guarantee. Good quality home office wood and metal make it stable and secure.

Smart and modern desk

Adjustable leg pad design is found only in modern computer or gaming desks which is necessary for different heights to keep the computer desk stable, hold the balance in the uneven surface. On the other hand, the CPU holder makes it smart which will hold the CPU and prevent it from dust and hold moisture.

After providing you all the above features, we feel the necessity to show the pros and cons of the product to give you more confidence about buying the desk:


  • Oakwood and blackleg is so attractive
  • Long enough to keep desktop, laptop, printer, and other office staff
  • Leg pads are helpful to keep the desk stable on uneven floors or carpets.
  • Available space in L part to keep books, notebooks, and pen holder.
  • The CPU stand is really helpful to keep the CPU dust-free and stable.


  • The longer and shorter parts of the desk are not reversible.
  • The Black leg is not always preferred by all.

#3. Casaottima White L-shaped Gaming Desk


  • This desk is equipped with a monitor stand.
  • Its equipped with an iron hook to extend the desktop space.
  • Monitor shelf can be moved at will according to your needs.
  • The iron hook can be installed either on the left or right.

Different sizes and colors

You can buy a white l shaped gaming desk which can increase the beauty of your room. Without this color, You have multiple choices here. This is an extra advantage in Casaottima l-shaped gaming desk. Different sizes and colors are available, so you can select the size according to your room structure and pick the best color from the options according to your choice by considering your room color. They guaranteed the quality and warranty. If you get any of the bad parts, they will replace the whole desk free of cost.

Ample space to store items

Plenty of space allows you to store more items and equipment. A monitor stand and iron hook are included to extend the desktop space. You can use the space for reading, working on a computer, and gaming. The dimensions are 51 inches in length in both parts of L shape, 18 inches wide, and 30.4 inches in height.

Flexibility and portability

This white l-shaped gaming desk is so flexible to use. You can install the monitor shelf according to your need, you can keep it either your right or your left. The same thing is also applied to the iron hook, the choice depends on your usage habit. Portability is another feature of this desk, you can fit it in any corner of your room and save plenty of space. It’s so easy to lift with 40.4 pounds, a single person can handle it easily.

Strong build quality

It has premium build quality. Engineered wood is used here. A floating monitor shelf and adjustable leg pad made it perfect. Long-lasting and the color is guaranteed. Dust and scratches resistance. It is eco-friendly too. No doubt about its durability.

So many good reasons are provided to build your confidence to select Casaottima l-shaped gaming desk with round corners to purchase. Some pros and cons are here for your consideration:


  • Round corner looks stunning
  • Multiple options for sizes and colors
  • Large monitor stand
  • Easy and flexible installation
  • Decently sturdy desk
  • By attaching two shelves you can build a U-shaped gaming setup.


  • No option of buying the floating monitor shelf separately.
  • Installation may be tuff for some.

#4. SHW Dark Wood l Shaped Corner Desk

SHW Dark Wood l Shaped Corner Desk


  • Espresso, wood grain laminated Environmental particleboard.
  • Open shelves provide a perfect room for your binders and books
  • Desk Top has two grommets to organize your cords.
  • Two more oak and walnut flavor is available.

Easy assembling process

The desk assembling process is so easy for anyone. Detail instructions and all hardware are included in the box. All screws and helping equipment are there to assemble it easily.

High-quality material

High-quality material is used here to make the build quality premium. A-frame made of steel is there along with the dark beautiful tempered glass to make it strong and durable. Particleboard is used which is laminated and overall espresso covered.

Open shelf and grommets

Two smart open shelves are provided to keep books, gaming CDs, and other stuff. Sometimes we feel very bad when we see all the things and stuff on our desktop. It looks messy what destroys the mood most often. So an open shelf is helpful to keep all these. The tabletop has grommets to help you maintain the cables and cords.

It saves space

It saves space because of its small size and l-shaped look. You can fit it in any corner of your room. This desk is perfect for gaming or home office in your room or dorm room. It is 51 inches wide in both L parts, 28.3 inches in height.

The benefit of comfort sitting

This l-shaped desk provides benefits for a gamer who used to play games for a long period. There are footrests under the desk to help the gamer or longtime computer users to rest their legs. The adjustable and balanced desk even on an uneven surface.

The above discussion is enough to realize why this l-shaped gaming corner desk or home office desk is good to buy for your own purpose. Now we are giving the pros and cons of the product:


  • Attractive and stylish with espresso.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Easy to assemble within 20 minutes.
  • Sleek design and tempered glass.
  • Footrest for extra comfort.
  • Strong and sturdy.
  • Two more oak and walnut flavor is available.


  • Small in size.
  • Not for tall people.

#5. CubiCubi White L-shaped Gaming Desk

CubiCubi White L-shaped Gaming Desk


  • High-quality iron pipes.
  • Tabletop ensures the excellent stability of the desk.
  • Has Drawers for storage.
  • Alloy Steel is used for the materials.
  • Suitable gaming desk for small space.

Time Saving Assemble process

The assembling process is so easy just like another l-shaped gaming desk. It comes with all tools and all parts including the small table and drawers. The assembling process will take less than 30 minutes.

Modern and attractive design

CubiCubi’s white color cheap l shaped desks for gaming are really stylish and attractive. It will increase the beauty of your room. The white lover will be happy to use it. It has some other variations on Black, wood, and other materials. You can use the desk as a workstation for your home office or gaming purpose. The material and build quality is also premium.

Suitable gaming desk for small space

This portable gaming desk for a small room will add extra value to your room. You can use it for different purposes. You can put it anywhere on your desk and use it according to your need. It can be used to hold headphones, cell phones, showpieces, etc.

Extra drawer

This white gaming desk with drawers will be so helpful to keep personal stuff. Sometimes we don’t like to keep all thing messily on the tabletop. So we can keep some rarely used stuff in the drawer also. But some people do not like to have a drawer which is a disturbance for the knee sometimes.

Sturdy, strong, and spacious

The desk is so spacious, so you can use it for different purposes. Super sturdy with high-quality iron pipes and a well-balanced tabletop keep the desk stable and strong. Its weight is 47.1 pounds. Extra c-calms to hold wires and cords. Its short side length is 27.6 inches, its round corner length is 19.7 inches, Long side length is 39.4. You can rest your leg on the wood frame panel.

Now the pros and cons is be given below:


  • Attractive design with black color.
  • Extra drawer and a small table.
  • Easy assembling and space-saving.
  • Rest your legs on a wood frame panel.
  • Fit it in a tight corner.
  • It is waterproof.
  • Strong and sturdy.


  • The drawer may be a disturbance for some people.
  • It is waterproof until you keep water on it for long period.
  • It’s small, So you cant put many things on the table.

#6. Cubiker L-shaped wood Gaming desk

Cubiker L-shaped wood Gaming desk


  • Rigid metal with MDF boards.
  •  Removable monitor stand.
  • Sturdy Steel Structure.
  • Plenty of legroom for rest.

Plenty of space for a leg to rest

It has ample space under the desk so that any tall guy can easily straight his leg and sit comfortably. The length of both L parts is 51.2 inches and the height is 29.5 inches which is standard for all. The weight of the desk is 38.9 pounds. You can utilize the under desk part for keeping other stuff or cables or cords. Other gaming equipment can be kept there.

Portable monitor stand

You can install the monitor stand on either the left part or right part of the desk according to your choice. If you don’t like the monitor stand, you can remove it from the desk. You can use it for other purposes instead of keeping a monitor on it.

Premium build quality with modern design

Cubiker l-shaped corner desk is used as gaming desk and home office or writing desk. Multiple colors are available. Rigid metal frame and home office wood made it strong enough to keep it stable and long-lasting. The MDF board is really good in quality which increases its beauty. It is durable and sturdy enough to keep balance and set in uneven surfaces and carpets.

As a gaming corner desk, it is excellent to buy and maintain. To make your choice strong we are giving you the pros and cons of the desk:


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Elbow support is good.
  • Good for tall people also.
  • Removable monitor stand
  • Enough space for footrest
  • Good quality wood with MDF board.


  • Sometimes the instruction guide for assembling the desk is missing in the box.
  • Assembly may be tuff for some.

#7. Foxemart Stylish L-shape Gaming Desk

Foxemart Stylish L-shape Gaming Desk


  • Round corner desk providing plenty of usable space.
  •  Made of wooden medium-density fibreboard.
  • Waterproof and anti-scratch, very easy to clean.
  • Isometric on both length.

Easy assembling process and leveling pads

The total assembling process is so easy for anyone. After unboxing you will find an instruction guide to follow, then by using all equipment there you can easily assemble the l-shaped desk within 30 minutes. The Leg studs can level the desk easily to balance it even on carpet or uneven surfaces.

Excellent quality material

The metal frame is sturdy enough and the design of the triangular junction has made it stable and strong. Wood is medium quality fiberboard (MDF), so it is strong enough to hold heavy weight. Waterproof and dust resistance. Very much easy to clean. It supports anti-scratch capacity also.

Smart design and attractive look

This l-shaped gaming desk is elegant in design and can fit easily in the corner to save room space. Its height is 29.2 inches which provides enough space under the desk for the footrest and straight the leg easily while working for a long time. This desk can be used as a home office, study table, writing table, gaming desk, and for many more purposes.

Switchable monitor stand

A switchable monitor stand is provided with the desk. You can set up the stand on any of your sides of the desk. You can also install the shelf anywhere on your desk according to your working habit.

Ample space

The l-shaped corner gaming desk saves plenty of room and gives you a comfortable environment to work. The round corner side helps you to keep your leg. Weight is 40.1 pounds only, so easy to handle. The length is 50.8 inches in both L parts of the desk and 19.2 inches wide. Adjustable leg pads are 2.54 to 5 inches.

Now the pros and cons of the round corner l-shaped gaming desk of Foxemart are given here:


  • Easy installation process
  • Adjustable leg pads to make it stable.
  • Elegant design with high-quality material.
  • Switchable monitor shelf.
  • Ample space for a footrest.
  • Multi-purpose usable desk.
  • Good customer support, response time within 24 hours.
  • Easy to use for both left-handed and right-handed people.


  • Extra monitor shelves cannot be purchased. 
  • Black is not preferable by all.
  • Sometimes it is difficult for some to install.

#8. SHW Espresso L-shaped Gaming Desk


  • Steel frame.
  • Powder-coated finish.
  • Environmental particleboard.
  • Adjustable glides stabilize.

Easy to install

It comes with its three parts and all necessary equipment to install it. The instruction guidelines will be there to help you install it within 30 minutes. You can fit it in your room corner and handle it so easily.

High-quality material

The l-shaped gaming desk is made of a steel frame which makes it strong, power coated finishing just made it premium. The tabletop is covered with environmental particleboard.

Adjustable glides and footrest bar

The adjustable glides are very much helpful to balance the desk in a carpet or uneven or rough surface. Sometimes we face problems to set the desk and fixed it strong, then these glides are helpful. On the other hand, the footrest bar allows anyone to sit very comfortably for a long time. You will get ample space to rest your legs and feel easy to straight those legs and keep on the bar to rest.

Attractive color and design

Espresso is so much elegant color and it increases the beauty of your room. It has some other colors also. The round corner shape is just awesome in look which really fits in any corner of your room and saves space to utilize the room for other purposes. As a gaming desk, it is really perfect in shape and size. It is 51 inches wide and 28.5 inches in height which is the smart size for a gaming desk. The l-shaped design allows you to keep many gaming goods on it.

The pros and cons of the SHW Espresso l-shaped gaming desk with round corner and espresso in color are given below:


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to balance with adjustable glides
  • Good-tempered glass is attractive
  • Footrest capacity 
  • Nice elbow support
  • Elegant espresso color
  • Nice particle board finishing surface


  • A little bit heavy
  • Not too long
  • Assembling instruction is missing sometimes

#9. Symylife L-shaped Small Gaming Desk

Symylife L-shaped Small Gaming Desk


  • The desk is made of a high-quality MDF board.
  • Sturdy steel frame.
  • Protective plug under each table leg.
  • It’s a small gaming desk which adjusts in a small room.

Easy to install

It is so easy to assemble and clean the desk. Anyone by reading the instruction guide can install the desk and fit it in any corner of your room. Another important thing is about its cleaning process. So easy to clean. With a damp cloth, you can easily wipe off all the dust and stains on its surface.

Strong, attractive, and smart

It is allowing you to fit it even in a small room, because of its l-shaped design. This l-shaped design expands the two parts and saves much room space. Many items can be kept on this home office or gaming desk. Color and design are so attractive. The corners are a little bit slide around what is safe to handle from scratches. M-style buckle design is really smart. Adjustable foot pads are exclusive that makes the desk durable, strong, and well-balanced. The CPU tray is a good aspect here, it saves space on the desktop. CPU is saved on the tray and is easy to move and maintain.

High-quality materials

The l-shaped gaming desk is made of MDF board which is premium in quality. The edge technology is perfect for a room environment. The sturdy steel frame makes the desk so strong and stable. A protective plug underneath the leg of the desk really protects the floor from scratches.

Standard size for gaming desk

The size of the desk is really so perfect for gaming purposes. The height is 29.5 inches as standard. Weight is 50 pounds, so easy to handle. The length is 47.2 inches which are enough to keep many goods and stuff on it. It is 66 inches wide, enough to hold the gaming equipment as well. This small gaming desk is perfect for small rooms too.

This desk is really a good choice for the gamer because of its size, colors, and durability. Now the pros and cons are given below to give you more knowledge about the desk:


  • The teak color is awesome
  • The high-quality MDF board
  • The edge technology is perfect
  • The steel frame is sturdy enough
  • Adjustable and protective foot pads
  • Anti-scratch and waterproof.
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • Large space on a tabletop


  • The L parts are not reversible
  • Elbow support is not good
  • Teak color is not preferred by all

#10. QEEIG Foldable Grey L-shaped Gaming Desk

QEEIG Foldable Grey L-shaped Gaming Desk

Sub Title

  •  The height provides plenty of leg room for rest.
  • Enough space for CPU stand display.
  • Made of high-quality MDF board.
  • Moisture-proof and scratch-resistant.

Easy to Setup

All instructions and needed tools are there in the box, so you can easily install the desk step by step without any mistake. You can assemble it alone without taking any help from others, just you have to give a little effort and read the instruction guidelines.

Corner gaming desk saves ample space

The l-shaped corner gaming desk fits snugly to any corner of your room. So it saves plenty of space in your room to keep other stuff. You can fit it in your drawing room, bedroom, or any other room to use the desk for a home office or gaming purpose.

High-quality material and premium build quality

The desktop is covered with a high-quality MDF board which will hold the moisture of the tabletop and scratch resistance also. So easy to clean. Difficult to keep fingerprints and other water spots on there. The leveling stud is exclusive to keep the balance of the desk on any kind of surface. The metal frame and the bracket make the desk strong and stable.

The design and size is ergonomic

The length of both L parts is 53.1 inches. The width and height are 29.5 inches. All these sizes are standard and follow the ergonomic rules. Ample space under the desk allows you to rest your legs while working for a long time. The height is standard enough to keep the keyboard and mouse, after using those for a long period, you won’t feel pain anymore.

Customer service is satisfactory

They will provide 2 years of warranty and lifetime customer services. If you buy the product from an authentic distributor, you will get all the real benefits and services of QEEIG. They respond within 24 hours to the customers. All packaging and delivery system without any harm is awesome.

The pros and cons are given below:


  • Fully ergonomic in design and size
  • Very much sturdy and stable
  • Anti-scratch and dustproof
  • Easy to clean and wipe
  • Easy to install
  • Ample spaces for footrest
  • Strong metal frame and bracket
  • Foldable l-shaped
  • MDF board moisture-proof


  • Grey is not liked by all
  • Not too easy to assemble for all

Buyers Guide

For Corner and L-shaped Gaming Desk

A gaming desk is so much important for a gamer, it is a vital part of a gaming setup and environment. So you have to consider some factors or points while buying or choosing the perfect gaming desk for you. The corner and l-shaped gaming desk have a lot of variety. They have different colors and sizes with additional parts. If the corner and l-shaped gaming desk is right for you, then you have to consider or remember some factors given below while purchasing:

Spacious desktop

It is an important factor to think about while choosing the gaming desk. Because everyone wants to have a spacious place and workstation. You might use multiple computer monitors and other necessary gaming tools to arrange a beautiful environment on the tabletop. Extra space is needed to keep cables or cords and stationery goods.

Easy assembling process

By reading the instruction guide or watching the video tutorial you can assemble or install the desk easily, otherwise, it might be a big problem for a gamer. So, an easy installation process is needed.

Side switchable capacity

This is beneficial because if you need to fit the desk at any corner of your room according to your comfort. You might need to keep the right side thing to the left and the left side thing to the right according to your room decoration and capacity.

Adjustable glides monitor stand and footrest

These three features are needed to play the game comfortably. Adjustable glides will make your desk sturdy to hold heavy loads, Monitor stands are needed to increase room space on a desktop, footrest capacity is essential for long-time PC users.

Elegant look and durability

An elegant or smart look is needed to make the whole setup beautiful. Durability means log lasting capacity and strong performance. So additional features are needed to make the desk durable and leg pads are also important to balance the desk on any kind of surface.


From the above discussion, you will be able to choose the right l-shaped corner gaming desk for you. The top 10 corner and l-shaped desks are shown here with their detailed features, pros, and cons. In the buyer’s guide, we showed all the major factors to consider while purchasing the best l-shaped desk for you. Now it is your responsibility to take the right decision to buy the right l-shaped corner gaming desk according to your comfort and criteria for your gaming setup.

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