earn money online from games

Everyone plays games, regardless of their age. It’s fun, entertaining, and a good way to pass the time. Although games usually don’t offer more than that to a person. However, Have you ever wondered how free games are earning money? Why they have invested a lot of money developing a free game?

Have you ever thought of making money by sitting at the comfort of your home, while others will play your game and you will earn money from it? It almost sounds like a dream. However, it’s not a dream anymore,  there’s never been a better opportunity to make money at home.

Let’s dive deeper into this, so you can understand how you can take advantage of this opportunity by reading how it works.

How does it work

All The Free Games you see on the market basically earn from showing ads. When a user plays the game he sees some ads over there. For showing a ads on the mobile google give you some money. All the money will be added to your add monetization account and you can withdraw this money to your bank account.

Now you might be thinking about how much will you earn. It basically depends on many parameters:

  • Number of users playing the game.
  • Users Country
  • How many Clicks are no Ads
  • Is there any installs from ads.
Earn Money Online From game

The more user you have the more your revenue will be and if the users are from countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, etc then your income will be huge. If you got clicks on the ads then your income will be huge.

Google Admob sometimes pays more than $3-$5 per click. Without a click, you can also earn from just showing ads. Google Will pay you per 1000 ads shown to the game. Click will be like extra cheese to pizza/burger. If you get a click then your income will be huge but if you don’t then you will also get paid from just showing ads. If users click your ad and install or purchase any product from the ads shown on your game then your income will be huge.

Except for Showing ads, you can also earn money by selling game items like Coins, Game Elements, etc.

Without Google AdMob, you can also use many other ad networks like Chartboost, Appodeal, Facebook, Unity Ads

How Will I Make Games?

You might be thinking that building a game is a very very complex work, yes it is. But you can hire some professionals to make a game for you. Making a game from your Idea or from scratch will cost huge and it requires lots of manpower and lots of money.

So what will be the solution for this? This is very simple, You can purchase readymade game source code from Apricot Games. They have very many popular game source codes with a very cheap price starting from $9.99. You can purchase any of the source codes then hire some person to reskin the game.

Easy money Online From Games

When the game is ready, now you are ready for the next step to publish the game to the google play store. To upload the game to the google play store you need to purchase a license from the google play console for $25 (one time). You can upload unlimited games to theirs.

You can also publish ios games to Apple App Store. This is not a one-time payment. It will cost you yearly.

Passive Income

The game business is a perfect source of passive income. Once you publish the game and users are playing the game then you don’t need to worry about anything else. Users will play and the money will be added to your account. So it’s a perfect alternative source for your passive income.


Take advantage of this inescapable opportunity as soon as possible, and make your dreams come true by just buying a few games.

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