Social media has become an essential part of our life in the present day and its necessity has only been growing over the last decade. Among all of the social media, Snapchat has left its mark quite strongly in the tech world with its unique features.

Snapchat might be most preferred as a messaging app due to its privacy policy and a photographic app due to its wide range of filters and other camera functions.

But apart from these two features, Snapchat has a unique gaming feature with more than 50 games that require no additional downloading. These games are definitely fun to play and guaranteed to pass the time without making you feel bored.

How to play Snapchat games

1. Launch Snapchat.

2. Go to the chat menu.

3. Go to a contact or a group. Tap the rocket icon to enter the game menu.

4. Browse from the wide collection of games and tap whichever one you want to play.

5. To play solo, you can tap the search button on the top left corner after opening your Snapchat. Type in the name of the game you want to play.

After playing, you can exit by simply pressing the back button on your phone or tapping the back to chat icon.

Best Snapchat Games and how to play them

As we have mentioned, there are more than 50 games to play on Snapchat. Obviously, there are some games that are not enjoyable enough to spend your time on. So here is a shortlist of a few games you might enjoy.

#1 Hex FRVR

Many of us grew up playing Tetris during our childhood. If you want to relive those days, Hex FRVR is the perfect game for you. It is a very similar game where you are given a hexagonal plate and different shapes of blocks.

You will get three options of blocks to choose from (sometimes you get the same block on multiple options).

Hex FRVR Snapchat Games

Place those blocks to fill up a straight line to earn points. If you misplace the blocks and do not have any place left to put the new blocks, time to play again because it’s game over!

#2 Zombie Rescue Squad

If you are less of a puzzle person and more of a shooting game enthusiast, the zombie rescue squad might be the perfect game for you.

In this game, you have to shoot zombies and rescue survivors by staying close to them. There are in-game items such as medicine and weapons to help you in your battle against the zombies.

Zombie Rescue Squad  - Snapchat Game
Zombie Rescue Squad  - Snapchat Game

The player automatically shoots the zombies when they are in range. So it’s all up to how well you can navigate your player.

#3 Tiny Royale

With battle royales on the rage in recent times, tiny royale is here to give you a miniature battle royale experience on Snapchat.

Tiny Royale Snapchat Game
Tiny Royale Snapchat Game

The rules are exactly like any other where you need to be the last man or squad standing by collecting weapons and items and eliminating enemies.

Each match has up to 30 players and you can form squads with up to four players.

#4 Trivia  Party

This one is for all the nerds and quizzers out there! As the name suggests, you take part in trivia questions as per your interest.

Trivia  Party Snapchat Game
Trivia  Party Snapchat Game

You can choose from many topics and take part in trivia regarding them by yourself or with a friend. First-round starts with 64 players with half the players being eliminated each round. You can also make your own questions once you reach level 5.

#5 Chess Quest

No game list is ever complete without the classic chess. Chess quest is another chess game where you can play with your friends for a casual break or do ranked matches to prove your skillset in chess.

Chess Quest Snapchat Game
Chess Quest

#6 Word Blitz

Word Blitz is a game that tastes your vocabulary. In this game, you are given a 4×4 box with random letters in it. You have to connect those letters to make a meaningful word before time runs out. Whoever finds more words within the limited time becomes the winner.

Word Blitz Snapchat Game
Word Blitz

#7 Ludo Club

In recent times, the Indian board game Ludo has seen a significant rise in popularity. Noticing the demand, Snapchat collaborated with the Moonfrog Labs and added Ludo Club on Snapchat. Now you can play Ludo with your friends and families or random online players on Snapchat.

Ludo Club Snapchat Game
Ludo Club

#8 Animal Restaurant

The animal restaurant is a game exactly like its name suggests. Here you run a restaurant for animals of all kinds. You take their order and they will pay you in Cod, the in-game currency.

You can use it to upgrade your restaurant, hire staff and do many more similar activities. While most of the customers are good for your business, there are a few like the rabbit or the skunk who will do harm to your business.

If you want a stress-free and uplifting gaming experience on Snapchat, this is definitely the one for you.

Animal Restaurant Snapchat Game
Animal Restaurant

#9 Subway Surfers Airtime

It is almost impossible to find someone who plays mobile games but has not heard of subway surfers. Snapchat brings its own version of 2D subway surfers where you compete with others to reach the finishing line first.

You can tap to jump and perform airtime combos. Perfect jumps will increase your speed while misplaced ones will take away your speed.

Subway Surfers Airtime Snapchat Game
Subway Surfers Airtime

#10 Color Together

If you had a tiring day and want to refresh yourself a little, color together might be the best option. Despite its name color together, it is a single-player game where you tap on a picture to fill up a drawing with appropriate colors.

It has very soothing music and zeroes rush or competitiveness to help you relax. You can unlock new drawings by playing campaign mode.

Color Together Snapchat Game
Color Together

#11 Ready Chef Go

Ready Chef Go is a fast-food game where you are the chef of a fast-food shop. Customers come to your shop with orders and you need to deliver those orders as soon as possible.

The faster you deliver their food the more you earn from tips. Here you compete with another player to see who manages their shop better to earn more.

Ready Chef Go Snapchat Game
Ready Chef Go

#12 Mergelings

Mergelings is a strategic and puzzle game where you have to match the same shapes to upgrade them to another shape. The shapes are placed on a 4×4 box. But the twist here is, that by swiping left or right, you do not move just a single shape or row.

Rather you move all the rows in the box towards the direction of your swiping and it is the same with columns. Merge and unlock the highest shape to unlock new levels.


#13 Ready Set Golf

Ready Set Golf is a golf game where you slide the ball to shoot it towards a linear trajectory and reach the hole. The golf course includes obstacles like pools and bouncing walls.

Each stage has a time limit of 60 seconds to reach the hole. According to the order of reaching the hole in each stage, points are awarded each stage and overall points are shown at the end.

Ready Set Golf Snapchat Game
Ready Set Golf

#14 AlphaBear Hustle

AlphaBear Hustle is another word game on Snapchat where you need to put the scrambled letters on a board together to form meaningful words within a limited amount of time.

In addition to the word building aspect, you can also build your village and decorate it with trees, bears, and other rewards obtained from the levels.

AlphaBear Hustle Snapchat Game
AlphaBear Hustle

#15 Aquapark: Multiplayer Edition

Aquapark is a racing game set on the water slide of a theme park. Here you need to reach the finishing line before others by staying on track and avoiding obstacles.

In case you are feeling a little evil, you can always bump other players out of the water slide.

Aquapark: Multiplayer Edition

#16 Super Snappy Bowling

Enjoy the classic arcade game pin bowling on your Snapchat. It is simple to play but quite enjoyable. You can move your bowl by swiping down, throw it by swiping up, and control it by holding and swiping left and right.

Compete with friends or random players online on a two-round game to find out who is the better shot.

Super Snappy Bowling Snapchat Game
Super Snappy Bowling

#17 Let’s Go Hoops!

Let’s Go Hoops! Is a multiplayer game where you compete with two other players (friends or random online players) and try to shoot a basketball down the hoops.

As you score, you move further away from the hoop. 5 points are required to finish the stage and whoever earns it first wins.

But do not think you can easily shoot the hoops as there are moving obstacles that momentarily block your way towards the hoop.

Let’s Go Hoops!

#18 Sugar Slam

Sugar Slam is a very Candy Crush-esque game where you match candies together to earn points. But in this case, you compete with others in matching the candies in a row or column for a limited amount of time.

Whoever earns the most points within the given amount of time is the winner.

Sugar Slam Snapchat game
Sugar Slam

#19 ReVamp

Revamp is a game similar to the very popular pandemic era game Among Us. There are six characters in an abandoned mansion of which 5 are renovators and one is a vampire.

The vampire tries to blow up the mansion or kill the renovators while they try to renovate. If you liked Among Us, you should definitely give it a try.

ReVamp Snapchat Game

#20 Snake Squad

Snake Squad is a game where you collect dots to grow in size as a snake and kill other players (snakes in this case).

To kill other snakes, you need to be significantly larger than them. Use your survival instinct to climb the leaderboard.

Snake Squad
Snake Squad

#21 Color Galaxy

Color Galaxy is a territory conquering game where you play to expand your territory and win. In this game, players are given a small territory at the beginning and a ride (which could be anything from unicorns to cars).

After getting out of your territory, you need to create closed loops with the trail your ride leaves to expand your territory. If you cut the path of someone’s trail, that player gets killed and needs to revive or play another game.

The same could happen with you too. So be careful when expanding your territory!

Color Galaxy Snapchat Game
Color Galaxy

#22 Crazy Run

Crazy Run is a tap and race game where you need to tap on your screen to move your character forward. But as the name suggests, it is not as simple as that.

On your way toward the finishing line, you will be faced with many obstacles. You have to stop at certain points, you will need to time your jumps with precision to avoid obstacles and move towards distant platforms and so on.

So if you like playing games that challenge your reflex, Crazy Run should definitely be on your list.

Crazy Run Snapchat game
Crazy Run

#23 Sliders

Sliders is a puzzle game where you are given four robots of four different colors with the objective of taking them to a portal respective to their color.

But on the way, boxes are placed to prevent them from reaching those portals. You need to slide the boxes in the direction shown to create a path towards their corresponding portals.

You can also challenge your friends to beat your time record and the number of required moves.

Sliders Snapchat Game

#24 Swipeout

Swipeout is another obstacle-avoiding racing game where you have to swipe around to avoid the obstacles set in your way.

The difference between Swipeout and other games is that Swipeout is not limited to just jumping, crouching, and 3 lanes. Rather it has a more flexible set of movements which makes it even more challenging.


#25 Sling Racers

Sling Racers is a reach the finishing line type of game where you have to complete your race track by slinging on different points.

You can sling on these points by tapping on your screen when you are close to them. If you hold the screen then you will keep slinging.

Holding longer than required might send you backward. So be careful of how long you keep slinging.

Sling Racers


Snapchat is a wonderful social media platform that brings a lot of uniqueness on the table and Snapchat games are one of them. If you are a Snapchat user and have not tried these games yet, you should definitely give them a shot.

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