Best Snapchat Story Games you should play

In a world where connectivity is considered productivity, social media have become a must-have part of our life. Snapchat is a front runner in a long list of social media with many unique features that sets it apart.

Snapchat has a built-in gaming library with many wonderful engaging games to play. But if you want to play some games which are more engaging with your Snapchat friends and let people know about you more, Snapchat games are what you need.

What are Snapchat story games?

Like many other social media platforms, Snapchat has a “stories” feature that lets you post photos or videos of your choice for all of your friends or a selective group of friends for 24 hours.

Using this feature you can post certain engaging and interactive photos asking different like many other social media platforms, Snapchat has a “stories” feature which lets you post photos or videos of your choice for all of your friends or a selective group of friends for 24 hours.

This feature is mainly for sharing updates of your life with your Snapchat friends. But you can use this feature to post certain engaging and interactive photos asking different questions or sharing your personality attributes with your target audiences while asking them to do the same.

If your friends find the questionnaire interesting or also want to share the same attributes of their life, they can take a screenshot of that story to save it for use.

Then after editing that photo, they can post it on their story too and leave a clean copy for others too. And just like that, you can have a working Snapchat game.

List of a few enjoyable Snapchat story games

The only constant rule of Snapchat story games is that there is no rule. You watch a story game, you like it, you participate. It is as simple as that. There are no limitations to what kind of games these could be.

If you have a unique fun idea of your own, you can also make your own story games. Here is a list of a few existing Snapchat games that you can definitely enjoy-

#1 Never Have I ever

Never Have I ever Snapchat story game
Never Have I ever Snapchat story game
Image courtesy- Claire Ince from Pinterest

‘Never have I ever is a drinking game that might be as old as drinking itself. But if you are not under the circumstances to have a drink or are simply a non-alcoholic person, that does not mean you should miss out on this fun game.

With the help of Snapchat, now you can play this game even while sitting or lying on the bed in your pajamas. It is not only a fun game that lets you share many interesting facts about yourself but also lets you know about your friends.

#2 This or That

This or That Snapchat Story Game
This or That Snapchat Story Game
Image courtesy- Sparkle & Style from Pinterest

It is a game that is as simple as the name suggests. You are to upload two lists of activities side by side. You can pick only one from a row from either column.

It helps you greatly to let people know about your personal preferences. It is also a great icebreaker as you can use it to initiate a conversation with someone with similar interests as you. With a photo editing app and a little skill, you can customize the pre-existing lists to make them more expressive of your preferences or nature.

#3 Things I’ve done- Milestone edition

This or That Snapchat Story Game
This or That Snapchat Story Game
Image Courtesy- StoryTemps from Pinterest

Sometimes it is hard to judge a person by his social media presence. Our life has many milestones set on our path to achieve. The cool guy in your Snapchat friends list, how many milestones has he crossed? Or what about the quiet guy on your friend’s list? If you ever wondered about all these questions, then this is the perfect game for you. You can also customize it to make it similar to your life or profession to know how far ahead you are in the race.

#4 Questions That Nobody wants to answer

Questions That Nobody wants to answer Snapchat STory Game
Questions That Nobody wants to answer
Image Courtesy- StoryTemps from Pinterest

There are a few questions that we often try to ignore or bypass. But if you have finally mustered the courage to answer these questions, then this is the game for you. Make a list of such questions and post them on your Snapchat.

Answer the questions that some of your friends have been dying to know and tell them to do the same. It is always better to let out the words we could not before.

#5 Random Questions

Random Questions Snapchat Game
Random Questions Snapchat Game
Image courtesy- Lilly Lou Lijia

Often we run out of things to talk about even with our close friends. But sometimes random questions pop up in our heads about the people around us.

If you want to have these random questions answered by your Snapchat friends, this is the most suited game. By asking a set of random questions to your friends, you can also gain a deep insight into the company you keep.

#6 How Would You Describe Me to a Stranger

How Would You Describe Me to a Stranger Snapchat Story Game
How Would You Describe Me to a Stranger
Image Courtesy- The Untold Phrase from Pinterest

When introducing someone to a stranger, we talk about the most notable feature of someone or a personality trait that we admire the most.

So the most simple but effective way of knowing about our notable features or the personality trait our friends and family adores is to ask them about how they would introduce us to a stranger. That is what this game is all about.

Be prepared to have some shocking answers on this one!

#7 Kiss, Marry, Kill

Kiss, Marry, Kill Snapchat Story Game
Kiss, Marry, Kill
Image courtesy- julie from Pinterest

Kiss, marry, and kill might be one of the most common but definitely enjoyable games on social media.

The rule is quite simple and straightforward. You post the template and let your friends choose 3 names among your peers.

Then you put those names in categories under kiss, marry or kill. It is a fun way to mess around with your friends. Make sure the friend you are opting to kill does not take it a little too seriously.

#8 Send Me 2 Names

Send Me 2 Names Snapchat Story Games
Image courtesy- Lily Lou Lijia from Pinterest

Comparing two persons is never a safe game to play. But what is life if there are no daring moments? So prepare to bust many bubbles among your peers.

This game is about posting a list that ranges from comparing personality traits to whose company you prefer more.

This list can help people know how much you prioritize them or how close you consider them to be. You can also just write the opposite of how you feel about your friends to mess with them. Also, be ready to have your friends bust your bubble too.

#9 Name a Song That

Name a Song That , Snapchat Story Games
Name a Song That
Image courtesy- Glamm Templates from Pinterest

A playlist is not just a collection of songs. It is more than that. It speaks about a person in ways they cannot simply express. Our music taste can reveal our personality, our artistic choice, and many more personal attributes about ourselves.

Sometimes the best music in our playlist comes from random recommendations. One of the best ways of spreading music is to talk about it. And what better way to do it than playing the Snapchat game “name a song that”.

In this game, you post a song about different categories such as your current favorite, a song you know every single word of, and so on. This game is definitely a must for music lovers.

#10 Jar of Fear

Jar of Fear Snapchat Story Game
Jar of Fear Snapchat Story Game
Image courtesy- Heyyy from Pinterest

It takes a great amount of courage to admit the things that make us afraid publicly. But only by admitting we are afraid of something can we keep moving forward.

Lots of times our friends push us into situations that we are not comfortable in just because they do not know about what we are afraid of.

Jar of fear enables us to admit our fears publicly. It is a great game that helps us stay true to ourselves and lets people know more about us.


Snapchat is a great social media with opportunities to do many enjoyable activities with friends and Snapchat story games are one of them. It basically allows us to express ourselves in a fun and innovative way and encourage others to do so. If you want to connect more deeply with your friends or learn more about the persons on your friend list whom you have never interacted with, Snapchat games are the best way to do so.

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