Hip fire and ADS

If you are a call of duty mobile player, you should have a question in mind, what are hip fire and ADS? What to choose while playing the game.

In Call of duty mobile, you will get three shooting modes of shooting, Hip fire, ADS, and the last one is Custom. Different guns have different suitability for other modes. These modes are located under the settings menu on the control section.

In this article, we will briefly discuss the difference between Hip fire and ADS. We will discuss which shooting mode to choose in which game mode and some tips and tricks to use those two modes.

You can play call of duty mobile on gameloop or bluestacks emulator instead of mobile. You can play 1v1 private match with your friends to check the difference between hip fire and ADs.

What is Hip Fire?

In general terms, Hip fire means firing without opening the scope or zooming the gun. In this mode, when you press the shoot button, the gun will start firing without accurate aim.

You will shoot without aiming down sights which means less accuracy for shots based on the distance.

In the Hip fire, the bullet will spread here and there, so you will not get any pinpoint target. Suppose you are shooting an object in the mid-range with hip fire on a call of duty mobile, then there is only a 20-30% chance of hitting only 1-2 bullets to the object.

What is ADS?

In general terms, ADS means firing by opening the scope or zooming the gun. In this mode, when you press the shooting button, then the gun will first zoom in or open the scope. Then it will start shooting. 

The full form of ADS is Aiming Down Sights means you will get more accuracy down sights while shooting. This mode is perfect for long-distance shooting, and the bullet fires accurately to the target.

Suppose you are shooting an object in the mid-range with ADS mode, then you will have a 95%+ chance of hitting the object, and almost all the bullets will hit the target.

Hip Fire and ADS What to Choose?

As we can see, Hip fire and ADS have different facilities over each other, so you have to choose the perfect shooting mode based on your gameplay and game map.

When to use Hip Fire?

Suppose you are playing Team deathmatch or Domination or any other mode where you have to fight hard. In that case, if the map is also small, like kill house or Shipment, then you can consider using Hip fire mode.

On small maps or hard firing games, it’s quite frequent that you will face the enemy in very close contact. At that time, if you use the ADS, then the gun will fire using the scope or zooming.

It’s so difficult to target in close combat with zooming. So, in this case, it’s best to use Hip fire. In summary, use Hip fire only when you are in very close contact with the target.

When to use ADS?

In short, you have to use ADS all the time except close combat with the enemy. In close combat, if you zoom in on scope or on the gun, you will not find the enemy, and you will get killed.

ADS is perfect for Mid-range, Long range shooting. For close-range, it’s not perfect because of its zooming.

Hip fire vs. ADS Final Decision

From the above discussion, you may have already understood the difference between ADS and hip fire. In Call of duty mobile games, you can’t play only using ADS mode nor the Hip fire mode. 

So you have to choose a mode which will give you the facility of hip fire and also on the facility of ADS.

In that case, you need to use the custom shooting mode. This mode gives you an extra option for opening the scope and also shooting directly.

Suppose you are shooting in mid-range or long range, then you can click on the “Scope” icon that will open the gun scope, and you can shoot easily using the ADS facility.

Suppose you are very close to the target; in that case, press the “Bullet” icon to shoot the target without opening the scope. In that case, you will get the facility of Hip fire.

Here is a youtube video demonstrating Hip fire and ADS on Call of Duty Mobile

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