gaming chairs are expensive

There are lots of facilities for gaming chairs that’s why gaming chairs are expensive than regular office chairs. The gaming chair has a very important role not only in playing games but also in doing regular office work. Anyone can sit for a long time on a gaming chair.

It will be comfortable and healthy for your back, neck, head, and shoulders. You don’t need to worry about the health of your body while sitting on a gaming chair because there are many features in this product that helps you to stay fit even after spending hours without any break or rest from work or play. If you work sitting on a gaming chair and use l shaped gaming desk then it will be a great combination for playing games or working.

This article will help you understand all those things which make a good quality gaming chair so expensive as compared with other products available in the market today.

Gaming chair Design

The gaming chair’s design is so attractive that you will be tempted to buy it just after looking at its design.

For example, some chairs have such a unique and stylish look that everyone wants them for their home, but the problem is that these types of chairs are quite expensive as compared with other available products in the market today.

Ergonomic and comfortable

Gaming chairs are designed to be ergonomic and comfortable. Its design is focused on giving you maximum support and comfort without compromising its stylish look. 

Gaming chairs are designed to help you stay relaxed all the time while sitting on it either for work or play.

There are lots of things included in a good quality gaming chair which makes it expensive as compared with other products available in the market today.

Weight of Gaming Chair

The weight capacity for a gaming chair is much more than regular office chairs because in this type of chair users need to stay relaxed no matter how much they use it. 

For example, if there are two types of chairs one is a normal office chair and another is a gaming chair then you will find out that there is a 10 pounds’ weight difference between these both types of chairs.

The reason behind this big difference in weight is because a standard office armchair contains only basic amenities required by an average person, but a gaming chair has all those features that’s why it becomes heavier.

gaming chairs are expensive
Office Chair

Armrests & backrest of Gaming Chair

The design of gaming chairs is also different from other types of chairs, it has wrap-around armrests to give you maximum comfort while playing games

The backrest of the chair is much higher than standard office chairs because in this type of chair you will sit for a long time so there are lots of chances that you may feel pain in your back or neck during long sitting hours.

Because designing, its weight capacity, durability, and special features are key factors of making a gaming chair so expensive.

Fully adjustable features

Gaming chair has fully adjustable features so that users can adjust them according to the height, weight, and shape of different customers. 

A good quality gaming chair will help you to establish the perfect seating position for your body which is not possible on any other office chairs available in the market today.

Most importantly, on a regular office ergonomic chair, there are only two options for adjusting its height but on a gaming chair, you can find 3 or more than three types of adjustment mode like (height adjustment (standard), seat depth adjustment (in/out) and 4-D armrest) which make this product more comfortable as compared with others.

Gaming chair Materials

Gaming chair material used is heavy-duty so that users can enjoy its benefits without worrying about anything. This special feature makes gaming chairs too expensive as compared with other office furniture available in the market today.

The materials used in gaming chairs are durable, so they can take a beating from all the gaming.

gaming chairs are expensive

The main material in a gaming chair is mesh because it’s open-weave, which allows airflow to make sure your butt doesn’t get too hot while sitting for hours on end.

But some people may complain about this feature because they think that mesh has less durability as compared with leather or other types of fabrics available in the market today.

In addition to that, good-quality chairs have armrests made from PU leather or fabric to make them more comfortable while playing games.

Standard gaming chairs come with two types of armrests: fixed and adjustable or 4-D which you can move up and down, side to side, in and out, and rotate 360 degrees.

Why gaming chairs are expensive?

Like I mentioned above, gaming chairs have lots of features than other regular office chairs that’s why its price is also higher than others Let me tell you about these special features one by one:

1) Adjustable back rest

Gaming has a fully adjustable backrest feature so that you can adjust it according to your back curve. For this purpose, the backrest of the chair has an S-shaped design which is more comfortable while playing games for a long time because, in this type of chair, users sit for longer hours so their back becomes tired quickly because regular office chairs don’t have any special feature regarding this issue.

2) Adjustable Height

Every gamer wants to have a perfect sitting position on their gaming chair but they don’t get it because there are no adjustable features available in standard office chairs. 

But if we talk about good quality gaming chairs then they come with two types of adjustment options like (height adjustment and depth adjustment) option that help users to establish perfect seating position for gamers. 

This is possible because good quality chairs are made of durable materials which you will not find on office chairs.

3) Armrests

Good quality gaming chairs have armrests that are highly adjustable so that users can adjust them according to their height and weight. They also come with side pockets for storage and cup holders.

But in comparison to an office chair, you will not get qualities armrest and no chance of side pocket.

4) Soft cushioning

Most of the users complain about this feature because they want their chairs to be hard as compared with soft but according to our research soft padding is one of the important features that every gamer wants in their comfortable gaming chair. 

A quality gaming chair has sufficient padding with durable material which makes it more comfortable for gamers to play games on the computer for hours.

On the other hand, a regular office chair has a hard cushion which will create problems when sitting for a long time.

5) Weight capacity

Weight capacity is another important feature that makes gaming chairs expensive these days.  In a gaming chair, a heavy-weight person can easily sit for a long time.

But on an office chair, a heavy-weight person can’t sit for a long time or the chair may start malfunctioning. 

6) PU or Leather material 

When you use a chair for a longer time then leather provides better support than other materials like vinyl etc. 

Using leather makes the gaming chair expensive,

7) Height adjustment

This feature is also very important in gaming chairs because users sit on the same chair for a long time so it’s better to buy a product that has a pneumatic height adjustment option because it’s more affordable, fast, and easy to adjust the height according to your wish.


Conclusion paragraph: Gaming chairs are the latest trend in office furniture. They’re also a great option for any type of work environment, not just gaming enthusiasts. 

If you spend time sitting at your desk and want to be more comfortable with less back pain or soreness, then we highly recommend that you consider investing in one of these ergonomic wonders.

For those who want to play games on their chair too – it’s worth noting they have lots of facilities which is why they can get more expensive than regular office chairs but if this isn’t an issue for you- go ahead!

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