Jelly Shift

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Swipe up and down to make the jelly shape change. Change the shape and pass through the Barriers. You can change the Camera view from the camera icon on the game. There is also in game shop from which you can purchse jeelly.

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Earn Money Online from unity Jelly Shift games source code

All The Free Games you see on the market basically Earn Money from showing ads. When a user plays the game they see some ads over there. For showing a ads on the game or app google give you some mony. Monetization network will send the earning money to your bank account so you can easily withdraw those. Now you might be thinking how much will you earn.

Its basically depends on many parameters:

  • Number of users playing the game.
  • Users Country
  • How many Clicks are no Ads
  • Is there any installs from ads.

The more user you have the more your revenue will be. if the users are from Country like USA, Canada, Australi etc then your income will be huge. If you got click on the ads then your income will be huge, google sometimes p ays more than $3-$5 per click. Without click you can also earsn from just showing ads. Google Will p ay you per 1000 ads shown to the game. Click will be like extra chees to pizza / burger. If you get click then your income will be huge but if you dont then you will also get p aid from just showing ads. If user click your ad and install or purchase any product from the ads shown on your game then your income will be huge.

The More source code you have the more you can upload the games to google play store and you can earn more money from online. After Purchasing the Jelly Shift Unity Source code  you can reskin the game. Reskin is very easy and we provide documentation on the game. If you want to take our reskin service then you are feel free so contact us and also you can check our reskin pricing.

So purchase the source code and Earn Money Online from unity Jelly Shift games source code


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